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SSD Raid performance update

It’s beed another month of smooth sailing with my Intel Series 320 SSDs in RAID-0 array. I’ve pumped at least several hundred gigabytes of data though it due to some heavy image processing. Here’s how it looks now:


Intel 320 Series 600GB SSD RAID-0 performance

Inter 320 series 600GB RAID0 performance

I’ve been using this array for almost a month now and it has been pretty stable. I moved a lot of data though – definitely more than the size of the disks. Windows has been reinstalled a couple of times with full backups of my apps and multimedia […]

Home PC Is Unresponsive Error when doing Configure Backup on Windows Home Server

At some point of time I started getting an error message “Home PC is unresponsive” when trying to configure backup of one of my machines with Windows Home Server. Backups started failing at that point too. I did a lot of research and found several solutions that I will summarize here. None of them worked […]

Printable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

It is nice to have them printed without sidebars and other web-clutter. Enjoy!

Download printable GMail keybaord shortcuts PDF here