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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro SSD Benchmark

Since I’m into running benchmarks on different SSDs, here’s another benchmark. This one is for the integrated SSD in Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro that was recently released.

It actually packs quite a punch.

Linear read/write: 501/254 megabytes per second

512K read/write: 425/522 megabytes per second

4K read/write: 24/64 MB/s

4K QD32 read/write: 341/246 MB/s


Intel SSD RAID0 performance after upgrade

Here goes again… I’ve recently upgraded my motherbaord from Intel DP55WG to Asus Sabertooth X79. My initial intention was to upgrade to another Intel board but Intel X79SI turned out to be an utter disappointement in many way (topic for a separate post).

In light of the fact that Intel will soon bring TRIM support […]

SSD Raid performance update

It’s beed another month of smooth sailing with my Intel Series 320 SSDs in RAID-0 array. I’ve pumped at least several hundred gigabytes of data though it due to some heavy image processing. Here’s how it looks now:


OCZ Colossus vs Intel 320 Series SSD comparison

I guess that you can call me and SSD geek. More than a dozen drives have been though my system so I decided it is time to publish some stats that I’ve accumulated over time:

2 Intel Series 320 600GB SSD in RAID0 performance

Here’s my latest build: 2 x Intel 320 Series 600GB […]