Hostgator vs. Godaddy vs. whatever rant

Just got an email from Hostagtor notifying me that one of my websites was shut down because it was using up too much CPU time on their “unlimited” shared hosting plan… Oh, well. I had no illusion ot begein with about their plans being truly unlimited but I didn’t realize that they were that limited.

I’ve been with hostgator since September 2008 and it was a great relief after ditching Godaddy. cPanel is much better than Hosting Control Center that Godaddy uses and you don’t need to wait 30+ minutes for the new database to get set up or domain to attach to hosting account. I all happens instantly as it should. Support was also faster to respond than folks at Godaddy.

However Hostgator has this nasty habbit of shutting down your websites for overusing their “unlimited” plans and only then letting you know about it.

As I moved some of my websites to Godaddy I found out that they are more tolerant to bandwidth/CPU abuse than Hostgator. However they still have all the problems I wrote above. Looks like it’s time for me to move to dedicated hosting server…

While I’m still in rant mode – one more warning – never ever host with – worst hosting experience I’ve had ever. In case of Godaddy and Hostgator problems at least start after your websites are up and running – with 1and1 you may not even get there. In case you are tempted to use them as domain resitrar because of their $10/year price that includes private registration – don’t. It’s not worth the trouble – if you want to update DNS servers on your domains it may take up to 24 hours…

Rant mode: off

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