Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Bluetooth Problem Workaround

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro is an excellent machine just like its predecessor. Unfortunately just like the first generation Yoga it has an annoying flaw in wireless connectivity that is yet to be fixed.

First generation Yoga convertibles had a tendency to drop WiFi connetions or have poor conniption quality. Eventually it seems to be fixed via software update. Second generation Yoga convertible didn’t have WiFi issues but is plagued by Bluetooth connectivity problems.

Bluetooth devices such as keyboard and mice keep disconnecting spontaneously and sometimes Bluetooth adapter quits working altogether. Although it is up to Intel and Lenovo to provide the ultimate fix in the form of software update (for it is for sure a software problem in Bluetooth driver) there are some workaround that might make life bearable for Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro owners with bluetooth accessories.

  • Make sure that your bluetooth drivers are up to date. Intel and Lenovo claim that they have addressed some of the problems. So updating a driver shouldn’t make things worse at least
  • If your bluetooth mouse stops responding, try Alt-Tab switching between metro and desktop applications. Often this would restore life to the mouse pointer
  • If your Windows 8.1 bluetooth settings are gone altogether, then bluetooth adapter has quit working. Rebooting the computer may or may not fix it.  If you open Windows device manager you may see a failed device with comment “Descriptor request failed”. Rebooting the machine will not fix this issue. To fix – follow these steps:
    • select the failed device in Device Manager
    • in the “View” menu, select “View by connection”
    • Go up two levels from the failed bluetooth adapter and right click on USB host controller device.
    • Disable and then enable the host controller back. You should now have your bluetooth back
  • Playing with power management options might also help according to some users.

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  1. Just got new Yoga 2 Pro w 8.1 – Bluetooth worked perfectly for about a day and a half and now will only “connect” for a moment before disconnecting. It even asks for a pairing code on my Inland mouse (which my Windows 7 machine does not need one and its drivers give me a choice of methods). My Bluetooth keyboard has exactly the same problem with momentary connect and then disconnect. It seems like its a timing issue where the bluetooth disconnects when it detects something not quite right.

    I’ve tried all of the uninstall/reinstall drivers, reboots etc with no change along with the power management option disable.

    Any ideas on a solution?


  2. I was able to work with Lenovo tech support and they fixed the problem with bluetooth mouse and keyboard by completely removing the old bluetooth driver with the Intel driver from Windows 8. It is marked as version 3.1.1311.

    Here is the link:

    When you remove the driver make sure to “remove all software” at the same time so it does not get you reloaded again.

  3. I purchased the Yoga 2 and it is without a doubt the worst computer I have ever owned. The bluetooth keyboard and mouse issue is by far the most frustrating.

    Attaching an external monitor via the micro HDMI port required that I file down the cable connector by about 3mm before the monitor would connect.

    The WiFi performance is shocking and one has to continually restart the machine to maintain a working connection.

    The screen resolution when running certain applications behaves erratically, you either cant see a thing or you faced with letters large enough that I think even Stevie Wonder could see them.

    If you thinking about purchasing one of the machines do so at your peril. You will hate it.

  4. Fantastic workaround! Disable/enable host controller in device manager works like a charm. Way to go!

  5. I had this same problem and resolved it (finally) by uninstalling the Lenovo Energy Manager application.

  6. This was great help! I’ve been looking for a solution to my bluetooth problems (not a pro, but the regular yoga 2) and disabling the host adapter then re-enabling it fixed my missing BT 😀

  7. I’m getting an error 34 in bluetooth every once in a while but whether the error is there or not, I’m not able to connect my blue tooth mouse. At one time it worked periodically. I haven’t seen any info on this error code. I’ve tried/done all the above steps to no avail. Any further thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

  8. Trying to install a bluetooth keyboard (Kensington) it asks for a passcode but none appears to be entered as with other bluetooth devices. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Intel bluetooth software without any changes.

  9. I have purchased a Lenovo Yoga 2 pro and a Yoga 3 pro. I’ve been battling with an intermittent Bluetooth connectivity issue for many months, and have finally figured out the solution and wanted to share.

    To mitigate intermittent Bluetooth connectivity, do the following:
    1. Press the [Windows key] + [X] key;
    2. Select “device manager”;
    3. Expand the Bluetooth drop down menu;
    4. Right mouse click on “Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)”;
    5. Select properties;
    6. Select power management;
    7. Finally, uncheck the box which allows the computer to turn off this device to save power. PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Hope you find this helpful.

  10. Hey thanks a lot, the Alt-Tab switching between metro and desktop applications seems to be an effective workaround. Bluetooth dropping out is my only complaint with the excellent Yoga 2 so you’ve helped resokve a major pain-point for me. Regards, Angus.

  11. I have totally given up. I have installed all the “latest” versions of Intel ProSet and Bluetooth drivers. I’ve used the factory (Lenovo) drivers. I’ve tried virtually every “fix” in numerous forums on the internet including but not limited to Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft. Nothing works. I had it working until a recent Microsoft “update” in 1511 version and since then I cannot get BT to show in Device Manager or any of the menus. I’m using (trying to use) a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse and BT just does not load. I’ve rebooted my laptop so many times the power switch is in danger of wearing. I’ve rebooted to BIOS and Disabled/Enabled the Wireless function. I’ve cycled numerous settings in Device Manager USB and WiFi controllers. I have NO BLUETOOTH on my laptop. Never had a problem until Windows 10 screwed everything up.


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